Food & Recipes


Really. I can turn out restaurant quality food.

Give me 30 minutes in my kitchen and I can serve you a super yummy meal… In your kitchen, give me an hour. I need a little extra time to find my way around, but believe me I can do it. Well, except for those occasional moments when it doesn’t go quite according to plan. I assure you it still tastes good.

This is where I will share my favorite recipes and food ideas. YUM!

While I might have the cooking (and eating) part down, I am still learning how to do the writing (and photographing).
If you do try any of my ideas I WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK!


Snapshot_20130319_8          camera 309
My idea of a quick salad for lunch!                      I am 1/2 Italian. Sauce and meatballs are a must!

MARCH 19 2013 B 003     cell march 25 2013 003

cell March 2013 c 005 cell March 2013 c 035 cell March 2013 c 001  cell March 2013 c 048  cell march 25 2013 012    cell march 25 2013 019


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