Photos by me, photos of me, photos I like, even ones I don’t.

You get the picture…

The full-size photo that I used for my header is a glass orb (ok, it’s a fancy paperweight) that I bought myself for my Birthday. I collect them. When I saw this one I had to have it. The money I spent was supposed to go to a new pair of sneakers. Even though I still have cheap shoes and suffered a nasty case of plantar faciitis, it was totally worth it. I will have this beautiful orb forever!

web header orb

My Cow Cat

This fatty cat was adopted from my mom. He is the sweetest mush ever. He is also inbred and that makes him “special” in a lot of adorable ways. I love my baby cat.

camera 145


Gotta love a sushi lunch. Yum!




My first tattoo. I love her! She enjoys hard rock, boys with tattoos, full moons…
For my first, I was determined NOT to just pick a butterfly out of the book. I wanted to make a statement other than saying “Hey look. I finally got a lame tattoo”… mission accomplished.


Frick and Frack

My second tattoo is lilies and skulls. Frick and Frack are pretty laid back guys.
This was designed for me by my tattoo artist friend with the intention of adding to it. After a nasty infection he and I both are hesitating. Maybe next year.
You can read all about it on hubpages by clicking here.


My Bracelet

Tattoo number three… a purple ribbon. This was done in support of those in my family (self included) suffering from chronic illness. It turns out Purple represents Cystic Fibrosis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression…. I am really not into awareness ribbon tattoos, so I went with this instead. My tattoo artist designed this as I was sitting in front of him. I think he did a great job. I totally love the little green charm. So cute. Who woulda tought a big tough guy like him could do that! 🙂

cell oct 2012 b 433   cell oct 2012 b 437


Tattoo Number Four is to commemorate a Thanksgiving 2012 visit to Virginia – first time all the siblings were together for a few days of fun in I don’t know how long. Sadly, it was also the last. My youngest brother Tim passed away from Cystic Fibrosis that Christmas….
The butterfly is purple in the center (official color of Cystic Fibrosis) as close as I could get to Carolina Blue (Tim is a huge Tarheel Fan) and Pink (cuz I was dying for a pink tattoo). What a great way to remember that trip and my little bro!
(gotta work on getting a better pic)



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