About This Site

What is this site all about?

That is an excellent question… I have no idea.

It is a work in progress.
It is a creative outlet.

It is a place to post my poems and photos and random thoughts. I have to let them out someplace or they will drive me insane. Letting them out on facebook seems to be driving everyone else insane….So why don’t I try this blog thing. Except is it less of a blog and more of a cozy little place to write and share.

I guess that is what this is.
A cozy little place to write and share…
and hopefully a cozy little place for you to read and share.

I really hope you like visiting!

Check back often to find out where this whole crazy experiement goes! 

Comments are ALWAYS welcome.
I love comments. Good, bad, indifferent. I do prefer good and constructive, but what kind of person would I be if I didn’t welcome all of you with open arms?! So what if I get stuck hugging a few cacti…. If there is something I could be doing to make this a better experience, feel free to let me know.


4 responses to “About This Site

  1. I like your cool blog site here, thanks for inviting me Dana, I like creative releases a great deal and will share this website for you for sure. It is definitely a cool cozy place online to share with others. I actually used this and many other wordpress templates long ago when I was first starting out on WordPress, so yup I know its appeal and look very well too.

    This is Cloud Explorer, aka Mike Pugh.

    My wordpress profile is Cloud Tops, and its a blog for my other technological hobbies and business side, but I figured why not comment using it right!

    Anyhow, I’ll chat with you soon Dana on FB, have a wonderful evening and good night sleep.

    • Hi Mike!
      Thanks a million for stopping by. I am just gettng started – pretty obvious. I am having trouble deciding where to go with the whole thing, and finding time for it – also pretty obvious.
      Honestly, thi was one of the few templates I could find that I could stand to look at and work on without going batty! When I get more comfortable maybe I will make a change. You never know.
      Thanks agaon for the visit. I hope you will stop by again once I get a little more established.

  2. I’m glad I found this. I like blogs as a free-form means of expression. I wish I had more time to devote to mine. There just are not enough hours in a day. 🙂

    • BILL! I am glad you found this too! I know what you mean about needing more hours. I am still learning about writing in cyberspace, so everything takes me SO long. And of course there is that silly thing called life that keeps creeping up on me… This site will develop slowly, and I am ok with that. I cam enjoying it. SEE YOU AROUND!

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