365 Day Poetry Challenge

I am writing a poem every day for one year!

Why do this? Why not? Read about my crazy plan <– click here!

Each poem must be inspired by a different object. I have decided to start with haiku and haiga (haiku plus image). Once I master that, or get bored, I will try other forms of micropoetry. I am posting them on facebook each day. I also will be compiling them here.

1) Object: Rain and hail on the deck

haiku 1a

2) Object: Cup of Coffee
 haiku 2

3) Object: green monster doodle on a desk calendar

haiku 3

4) Object: Dirty Window

haiku 4a

5) Object: Plastic bag caught in tree

haiku 5

6) Object: Jar of Pickles
haiku 6

7) Object: Yankees Clothes at Target
haiku 7

8) Object: Bathtub
haiku 8b 

9) Object: Baby doll left in tub
haiku 9

10) Object: My Radio
haiku 10

11) Object: Soap Bubble on a gloomy day
haiku 11

12) Object: Worms in parking lot puddles
haiku 12



13) Object: washer and dryer/tattoo of a kiss

haiku 13

14) a horrible batch of pancakes

haiku 14

15) Object: bird seen outside the window (house finch)

haiku 15

haiku 16

16) Object: this photo of Charlie

haiku 17

17) Object: the flower in this photo

haiku 18

18) Object: Dog’s tug toy

haiku 19

19) Object: Play Dough

20) Object: my toes

haiku 20

21) Object: My cat gnawing on leftover chicken

haiku 21

22) Object: squirrel

haiku 22

22b) I was feeling especially poetic today
This is a trilinea (4/8/4, must contain the word rose)

haiku 22b (trilinea)

23) Object: a bad apple

haiku 23

24) Object: Cloud

haiku 24

25) Object: bird singing in the woods

haiku 25

26) Object: my face reflected in a car window

haiku 26

27) Object: moss covered rock

haiku 27

28) Object: Ducks in Congress Park (Saratoga Springs, NY)

haiku 28

29) Object: Heater that melted my sandal

haiku 29

30) Object: big carpenter bee

haiku 30

31) Object:  my pen

Are paper and pen
doomed to suffer the same fate
as chisel and slate?

32) Object: heart shaped blob of purple dish soap

haiku 32

33) Object: my cat and his dream of catching a sqirrel

Refuse anything
less than extraordinary
impossible dreams

34) Object: steamed broccoli

We eat broccoli
pretending to be giants
gnawing on the trees

35) Object: basket of nuts

haiku 35

36)Object: my bed

Heavy limbs and lids
seduced by pillows and sheets.
Nightly love affair.

37) Object: Lily of the Valley buds

haiku 37

38) Object: side view mirror of my car (passenger side) after it was broken off

haiku 38

39) Object: the song Blue on Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
and my present situation (and my mother’s)

haiku 39

40)Object: rain at night

Rain falling from a
starry sky. What do you call
sunshower at night.

41) Object: a hotel in Saratoga

This Place. Never Boring.
Unpredictable is norm.
A Bin of Loonies!

42) Object: warm sun

haiku 42

43) Object: stars

Wishing on a star.
Am I waiting in vain? My
star is a planet!

44: Object: Dandelions

haiku 44

45) Object: rose bushes of neighborhood house

Will rose bushes
mask the hideous intentions
of a monster

46) Object: Man mowing lawn ridind mower and scent of fresh cut grass

haiku 46

47) Object: Dandelion Seeds

haiku 47


12 responses to “365 Day Poetry Challenge

    • Cloud Tops – I could never come close to the miriad of things you do. You online fols make it look so easy. Boy do I have some learning to do. I am sure to have fun with it. When I have some time to play I will be experiementing more. Otherwise this is gonna get boring pretty quick!

    • Audrey – LOL! yes. 365. The amount isn’t so scary, the thought of missing one day and ruining it is! I better get into the habit of doing them early. Just in case! I hope you check back in now and then to see what I have been up to.

  1. So ambitious, impressive and really cool, Dana.

    A published 365 day flip calendar would be a cool idea…I would buy one!

    Keep up the momentum and the great work. Hugs, Maria

    • Hello Maria!
      Thanks for the encouragement. It really is a monster of a project, yet I am loving it.
      A calendar did come to mind. Or one of those mini boks you see at the checkout of the bookstore. Or magnets and keychains. So many possibilties.
      Now that I have some momentum, I think I will really start expressing myself. Hope I come up with some real good ones.

      tons of hugs to you!

  2. I find it interesting how you bring out uniqueness and focus in an image and how you transform an image or scene to life. I especially like the one you wrote about the song of birds (Object radio). There is so much you can do with poetry. These forms of short poems, haiku, haiga, senryu and tanka can help you make a statement or speak your mind when written effectively.

    A few suggestions: I would drop the use of capital letter for the haikus and tanka unless they follow a period. Otherwise, most often they are written without the uppercase at the start of each line. The uppercase letters are in fact a bit of a distraction. Also try not to leave a line’s space within a tanka or a haiku. This again is distracting and makes the reader feel like they’re two different poems. (IMHO).

    • Mandy – I am just seeing this comment now. I am so sorry I missed it! Thank you so very much for the advice. I am really enjoying my poetic journey. Learning and growing as a writier/poet/person is so special to me. I am honored to have your expertise and encouragement to guide me.

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