My 365 Day Challenge… Foolish or Genius?

This is about those people who decide to do “whatever” for 365 days. Why? I have no idea. Most of them tell me, why not. Here is my take on the whole thing.

PLUS, this is the reveal of my very own 365 Day Challenge! April Fools Day seems an appropriate day for this fool to announce her foolish venture.

365 Days…

It sounds so simple. So innocuous. 365 Days. Once a day. Daily. For one year. Every day for a year without missing a single one. Wait? What? Hold it.

I can say with some certainty that there is very very little (excluding things like involuntary bodily functions) that I have done every single day 356 days in a row without missing a single day. Have you? Really think about this. Especially if it’s something non-essential to your health or your family’s.

Why do it?

Who doesn’t love a cool project?
Something to get excited about. As adults, we don’t get a lot of chances to do things like this. Maybe there is a part of us that craves our younger days full of science fairs and dioramas and other school projects that our parents just loved to help with – and transport to school on a morning where they are inevitably running late.

When you phrase it simply, a 365 day challenge sounds pretty cool.
I am going to do (x) every day for 365 days. This is going to be fun! You start thinking of all the cool ways to do (X). Then how you will send it out into the world? Youtube? Facebook? Blog?

You tell your friends of your grand design.
The reaction is a combination of: You are a genius and You are a fool! Which should you listen to? Neither! Go for it.

You are insane, but aren’t all creative geniuses?

Seriously. How many times have you wished there were more hours in the day? I am wishing that right now!

Why on earth would you want to add more to do. Why be insane enough to require it daily for an entire year?

No skipping. Ever. For 365 consecutive days. One missed day is failure. No pressure or anything. How will you feel on day 200 when you have a million other things to do and you just barely have time to squeeze this one in? Or day 250 when you are grasping at straws for one idea let alone over one hundred more.

How will you feel on day 365 when you finish that last one? AWESOME! At least I suppose you would. Maybe you will just be tired and glad the darn thing is done. Nah, I bet it feels awesome.

It’s all about fame and money!

Fame and Money. Isn’t that what everyone does everything for? Especially if it involves youtube or a similar social media. It is all about going viral! Alright, so no one has actually said that to me. Some are trying to spread interest or awareness. Some are honestly just expressing themself. What I want to say to them is – DON’T SELL  YOURSELF SHORT.

The first 365 Day challenge I ever saw was Skull A Day by Noah Scalin.

He made one skull a day for 365 days using different material. Then he made is into a book. He has an awesome blog. He sells merchandise. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! Maybe I will beat you to it….

My 365 Day Challenge – Haiku a Day!

I will be writing one haiku or micropoem every day for 365 days in a row. Each one must be inspired by a different object.

Why Haiku?
Because they are short and easy, and fun!
Plus, if I am going to have any chance of success, I need to start small. Brushing my teeth seemed like an undershoot. Next up was poetry. I am a poetry addict. I want to write more of it. I want to be a haiku master! But I am too lazy and unorganized to study. This will force my hand. I am excited.

Speaking of success, what are my odds?
I refuse to think about it. I am taking the “one day at a time” approach.

Inspired by me getting pelted with hail on grandpa’s deck today.

haiku 1a

Would you ever attempt a 365 Day Challenge?

ARE you attempting one now? Let me know so I can spread the word. It is all about fame and money after all, isn’t it?!


8 responses to “My 365 Day Challenge… Foolish or Genius?

    • Hi Bill! Thanks forchiming in. Yes. I hope this will improve my writing even if it is just my giving me some structure and discipline. 364 more days to go! 🙂

  1. I am there to support you in everything you do! You are off to a great start! I like how you designed it A LOT!! I think they would be great to create in a book or calendar! April Fools day is a great starting point! However, you are no fool! Love ya friend!!!

    • THANKS AUDRA! I hope this does end up a book. First thing is to meet the challenge. I am so very happy happy that you like my little design. That took me forever! I am solow tech. By number 365 I will be a super pro!

  2. Good luck, Dana! I know I will not even make 30 days in a row. Too many interruptions and not enough ‘free’ time on my hands might be an excuse, but it is a damn real one to be considered before I take up any challenge. I take my hat off for you guys who are still willing and able to tackle a challenge by its horns. Just see me in the audience, cheering you 🙂

    • Martie – Thanks for being my cheerleader. You really are awesome.
      This will be a tough one fo rme. I can’t even manage to brush my teeth every day for a year. Hmmm. Maybe that would have been a better challenge!
      I will be posting updates as I go. Too ealt yet to have anything interesting to say… See you around!

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